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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose a DJ over a band?

Although there is a certain ambience added by hiring a live band, that is usually where the advantage ends. Bands are limited as to the number of songs and music genres they can play whereas a DJ can span many genres, take requests and have a large music catalog. (I have a catalog of over 50,000 songs to cover all ages and genres of music). A DJ typically takes up less space than a band, has other added benefits such as offering uplighting or lightshows and typically costs less.

Hiring a DJ for your event is the most practical, versatile and fun choice.

What types of music do you play?

There are many different types of music from Blues to Pop, Golden Oldies(50's & 60's), 70's (Disco), 80's, 90's, Zydeco, Second Line, Jazz, R&B, Hip Hop, Top 100, Country and Gospel. Upon consultation, the types of music you prefer will be discussed and the music will be tailored for Your specific event.

What if my event doesn't fit one of the Service Packages that you offer?

Each package is tailored toward your specific needs and event. For example, a client may need the silver package but want to include a light show. Another client may have more guests and no need for a light show. Packages are custom tailored for each event.(See Services)

How do you determine your prices?

Prices are determined by the amount of equipment required, length of event and distance traveled plus any special provisions, e.g. gobo projector with married couple's initials/monogram.

How far do you travel?

Events both in and out of the United States can be accomodated.

(Travel expenses will be included in price)

What types of events can you accommodate?

Professional DJ services for Weddings, Parties, Socials, Corporate Events, Banquets, Bachelor/ Bachelorette Parties, Cruises, Destination Weddings, Reunions, Anniversaries, Hair and Fashion Shows, Proms, Balls.....

Practically any event can be accomodated.

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